Day 1 of 21 days of Quarantine/Lockdown

2020, wow, you came down like Thors hammer on all of our New Years resolution plans.

How can all my dreams come true but come to this weird sudden halt all in the span of 2 months? There is this air of anxiety that’s hovering over everyone as we hang in the balance of the unknown. Uncertainty, thou art a treacherous fiend!

I’m beginning to realise how foolish and egoistical I have been as I thought that having read all these philosophical books that I would be prepared for any situation that comes my way but alas like a glass of water tipped over, in the madness of all that’s happening, my mind has emptied itself of all that I have supposedly learnt. I too am caught in this web of worry as I try to make sense of and control that which I know deep inside is uncontrollable.

I would be delusional not to admit the severity of the pandemic we are facing, these are trying times we are in but history has shown us the resilience of the human race. This too shall pass. Although the road to recovery in the aftermath will be long and hard, I hope that we keep in mind our fragility and through that instil the importance of human connection and sympathy over materialism.

My sympathy goes out to all the affected individuals around the world and my gratitude goes out to all the health care professionals at the frontlines of this pandemic doing all they can to fight this COVID-19 virus, your bravery has not gone unnoticed.

That being said its important for us to help the situation by adhering to the quarantine and lockdown rules set in place in your various countries, isolation is the best way in which we can halt the spread of the virus and ease the situation for health care professionals. Here in Namibia, today marks the first day of a 21 day country-wide lock-down and although I have noticed that some people aren’t taking this situation seriously its important that we set aside our selfish pursuits and in solidarity to one another separate for now in order for us to be able to save those we love and the loved ones of others.

So that being said what are my plans for this lockdown? Well, keeping in mind the severity of the situation, this lockdown has become sort of a blessing in disguise, I feel like its a call to finally focus on all the things that I have always wanted to do and complete but always complained that I never had the time to do. I plan on making this self-quarantine period a productive period both professionally and personally all while remaining in isolation.

One of my goals during this period is to read a book each day of the quarantine period. I will upload a seperate blogpost with the list of books I plan to read.

The book I plan on finishing today is “Mans search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, I think it’s the perfect book to read during times like these.

I will try and upload a post on each day of the lockdown and give an update on what I plan to do and how the day was and also give some sort of synopsis on the books I decide to read. Whatever you decide to do with your time during this time let it be something that contributes to the growth of your future self no matter how small it is, I think you want to look back on this period and be happy that even during hard times you still managed to do something good for yourself and others as well.

That being said stay safe, be mindful of your actions and lets work together in staying home and fighting this virus as best we can. I leave you with with this amazing poem:


What ifs” wash in with the tide in a sea of not knowing.

Unsettled and anxious for the future unseen. Tension wells up holding tight with its grip.

Fretful scenes play out in imagined late night scripts.

Then Faith drifts in like a breeze upon request.

Assurance and peace she brings upon her arrival.

To comfort the soul and ease the furrows and to gracefully bridge the outcome to be.

-Laurie Goyen

Never forget to carpe all the diems.



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