Day 3 of 21 in quarantine

I’m uploading this a day after the fact because Day 3 was my day of rest and detox from most social media platforms besides YouTube as that’s where I listen to music the most.

In any-case this was just a lazy day for me, spent most of it napping and watching movies, the weather has also been amazing so the rain just put me in a chill vibe all day. I also woke up with allergies (sneezing and a stuffy nose) so I saw that as a sign to just rest and tap out. Not everyday needs to be productive although I do feel I was more lethargic than necessary but that’s just what I felt my body needed.

I didn’t manage to read a lot of my second chosen book on my list but I will make up for it today ( Day 4, 30 March 2020).

This is going to be a short entry. Hope you all are staying safe!

Never forget to carpe all the diems (even if I do sometimes haha)



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