Stoic Bites: Marcus Aurelius (#01)

“Remember how long you have been putting this off, how many times you have been given a period of grace by the gods and not used it. It’s high time now for you to understand the universe of which you are a part, and the governor of that universe of whom you constitute an emanation: and that there is a limit circumscribed to your time – if you do not use it to clear away your clouds, it will be gone, and you will be gone and the opportunity will not return.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book 2.4

Marcus calls for us to actively work towards clearing away whatever has been giving us anxiety and confusion. Mine is my tendency to occasionally procrastinate on what I know is more important than whatever I chose to distract myself with.

Time is a finite resource, one that is fleeting if you’re not careful so it’s imperative to seize it however you see fit.

This doesn’t have to be grandiose actions. If to you just taking a shower today is what makes you feel accomplished then do that! If relaxing and laughing till your sides hurt watching episodes of The Office makes you feel good then do that too. Just start with one thing.

Today, my goal is to Marie Kondo the hell out of my room, closet, and work table. To have a clear space and a clear mind. A reset button of sorts so that my environment is conducive enough for me to start tackling my procrastination habits.

Let’s get to carping all those diems!



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