A Day in the life of a quarantined Energy Analyst

This is my working space in my room. Don’t judge my ghetto lamp it fell down a few weeks ago and the lampshade broke off πŸ˜‚. I usually start the day listening to some music or interesting podcasts on Youtube. I have a Rubik’s cube on my desk as I’m trying to solve one on my own without any online help and I’ve noticed that it really helps me de-stress when things get tough.

I have my favorite poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling for motivation on the wall as well as sticky notes with important coding related topics I need to study or go through. On the right side of my wall is the very first painting I bought that I’m really proud of and will write a separate piece on. You can’t fully see it but I have a miniature version of my vision board on my desk just as a reminder of why I need to work hard and lastly a picture of me with the parentals to tie it all together! Oh and some incense cause we all need a little zen in our lives.

Since this is a new job I’m not yet sure as to what I’m allowed to reveal and at what depths on public platforms since I work for a market intelligence company. What I think I can say is that as an analyst we are currently focused on giving up-to-date analysis on various aspects of the European Energy Markets and legislation. For example, we study the Guarantees of Origin (GOs) markets. GOs are electronic certificates that verify that a certain portion (MWh) of electricity was derived from a specific energy source e.g specific fossil fuel or renewable energy and they vary in price according to an array of factors and we study those factors and predict future trends.

It’s been a really interesting and fun time thus far. I’ve learned quite a lot and I still have even more to learn as the learning curve is quite steep for me. There are times that I get cabin fever but on the bright side is that since I’m home I can easily go outside in the garden and play with my dogs for a bit, something I obviously would not be able to do at the office.

Besides that, I’m lucky in that I’ve spent the entire time at home with my parents and so its been really great having them around, connecting, and joking around to relieve the stress. I know I will miss moments like these with them so might as well make the most of it.

Feel free to comment on how you have been dealing during COVID especially if you’re bound to working at home. How do you deal with your cabin fever? How do you balance it all?

Till later!

Never forget to carpe all the diems.



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  1. I’m so, so sorry that I’m spamming you with comments, but not going to lie: I kind of love your blog posts! Love the home office space, the schedule, everything about it. I’m also glad to hear you get along with your parents while living with them. I’m in that situation as well and while we’re mostly okay, sometimes there’s…difficulties. Haha. I’ve been very lucky to be able to continue my marketing job from home right now, but the cabin fever is a very real thing. Daily walks, my writing projects, and chatting/hanging out with a select few close friends is my lifeline to sanity. I was also intrigued by what you said about preparing like you’re actually going to work: during the first month or two of work from home, I didn’t bother getting dressed up at all, but lately I’ve been at least trying to put on some nice clothes and make a bit more of an effort, and I’ve noticed a definitely difference in my attitude, so I think you’re totally on point with that!

    Also, your dogs are adorable and their names are awesome.

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    1. Selma-Penna says:

      Haha do not apologize at all. Please continue inflating my head that is already the size of a blimp hahaha. Jokes aside I’m elated that you enjoy my blog posts its always good to know that you’re not talking absolute nonsense. Oh wait, it’s not all roses I mean I do enjoy being home with them and for the most part its good but trust me there are some days that I want to rip my hair out or the times when they forget that just because I’m home and in my room doesn’t mean I’m not busy with work, “mom I’m sure that video you want to show me on whatsapp is hilarious but I literally have work to finish” πŸ˜‚. Either way that’s good to hear that you are one of the lucky people that got to not only continue your job but also had the option to work from home. I know that not a lot of people are that lucky. I’m actually really curious about your writing projects I just know you have some really amazing stuff up your sleeves that I hope I’ll get to read some day. Daily walks are such a savior and its always good just having a good chat with some friends nothing gives you a little boost like having a bit of a laugh. The getting dressed thing is honestly such a key to me being productive because on the few days where I refused to change out of my onsie were probably my least productive days πŸ˜‚ so I agree you should definitely continue on that fashion train towards success. Haha gosh sorry for my lame jokes I’m still on a caffeine high I’m trying to come off of.

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      1. Haha well for the record I don’t think your jokes are lame at all! Mine, on the other hand…at least blimps are energy-efficient, right? Yeah, ignore me. But anyway, I totally know what you mean. The number of times I get interrupted by my parents during the day is beyond count. Also they try their best to keep out of my business but it’s just such a small house it’s almost impossible to feel like I have any privacy. Oh well, such is life for those working from home and trying to save money for grad school and such. I’m glad you’re managing as well and I’m more than happy to inflate your head, because as a writer I can tell you that you’re a great one! I enjoy your posts so much and talking with you is equally as fun. I could go on forever about my writing honestly, I’ve got so many stories I lose track of them all and don’t have enough discipline to stick to one. But I do love talking about them though. And you’re definitely not talking nonsense. I think part of why I like your writing so much is that I really get the sense that we’re similar people and I feel what you’re saying on a spiritual level. Haha. Fun fact though: I have no idea what a caffeine high is like because I’ve never had coffee. Not once. I know, I’m a weirdo (if you didn’t know already).

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      2. Selma-Penna says:

        Haha! You’ve clearly got better jokes. You’re so right, in the end, the suffering will be worth it cause we saved money [If it were possible this is where I would insert a gif of me jubilantly throwing money in the air πŸ˜„]. That’s insane to me that you think I’m a good writer especially since you are actually one! I really enjoy your posts as well and from the some of your writing that I’ve read so far has been right up my alley! I really do enjoy talking with you as well, it’s always so good to just pick someone else’s brain and hear someone else’s perspective and experiences. Plus like I said you’re pretty funny. You should definitely keep going with the writing, in fact I’m not sure I ever asked but have you published anything yet that I can even maybe read? Hahaha I’m loving the vibes because right now I’m going through your blog as well and laughing at how similar and a little off we are. Wait you have never drunk coffee before? How? Wait aren’t you also in grad school? Pray do tell how are you human? haha nah but I only started drinking coffee now but I pretty much went most of my life not drinking it cause it was banned in our house. I try not to get too crazy with it because then I end up like yesterday unable to sleep and on the weird side of youtube all night πŸ˜‚

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      3. Haha thanks! I don’t know that I really do, but everyone gets lucky sometimes. Have you ever thought about writing something long, like a novel? Because I think you’ve got the skills and you’d be great at it. And I’m so glad you enjoy my posts, that really means a lot to me. Exactly! It’s so cool to meet someone who’s on the same page as you about so many things, and I can tell our attitudes and outlooks in general are probably pretty similar. Of course life would be boring if we weren’t all a little different. But like I think I’ve probably said already, a little off is okay because normal is way overrated. Haha. Very, very good vibes here, I agree. Love it. The short version on my writing is that no, I don’t have anything published at the moment, but I will soon! I’m hoping to self-publish my first novel on Amazon in October (The Showstopper). It was out before but I’ve taken it off to make some much-needed updates and edits. After that, we’ll see, but I have tons more ideas! And I’ve written a couple of short stories that I haven’t really shared around with many people. BUT…if you’d be interested, I don’t see a problem with sharing them! As for coffee, I’m a tea person, what can I say? I’ve just never liked coffee for its flavor or anything, but to each their own of course. I won’t judge. I’m not able to sleep most nights anyway and I just sit there staring at the ceiling so at least you had something to do while you were at it. Haha.

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      4. Selma-Penna says:

        Haha A whole novel? I don’t think my ADHD would allow me to sit down long enough to concentrate and finish one. I feel like I’m the type to get so overwhelmed with many ideas at once which would make for a very messy manuscript πŸ˜‚. I’m however glad that I duped you into thinking I had the skills though πŸ˜‚. Yes normal is quite boring you need spice things up a bit and now and again! Keeps the immune system healthy i hear πŸ˜‚. Congratulations, that is sooo cool that you will be self-publishing your first novel soon!! Please do let me know when you have it out, I would really really love to read it, I’m sure it’ll be amazing! Is it alot of work self-publishing? Either way super excited and can’t wait for the release and to get my hands on it! Wait you would actually let me read some of your short stories? That would be amazing, I would love to read a few πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ˜„. Haha also tea is pretty good no judgement here at all!

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      5. Yes! I’ve got several in fact (and even more unfinished). Oh but I totally understand what you mean because I’m probably the slowest and least productive writer in the entire world. I’m awful about setting a schedule for myself or sticking to deadlines when I’m on my own time. I dread the physical act of writing because I know the scenes I dream up won’t sound as great on paper as they do in my head, and I have heavy self-doubt and criticism that can make it hard for me to get motivated sometimes. But that’s a whole other story. Haha well all you need are good ideas to start, and then some good editing advice! I love nothing more than talking with people about writing, and I mean it when I say you’ve got the skills. They’re really pretty easy to recognize when someone knows what they’re doing and I think you do, for sure, even if you don’t know it. Haha. Aw thanks, I’ll definitely keep you in the loop! I’m thrilled that I can maybe count you among my readers. Self-publishing if done right can take a bit of an investment and a fair chunk of time between cover art and editing and formatting and the writing of course. Might even be more involved for the author than the traditional way, but the control you get can be worth it. Totally depends though. Umm yes, absolutely I’d let you read them!!! And yep, tea definitely helps me relax and think when I write. It’s a staple of my writing sessions and work days. If you’d like me to send along a story or two for you to read, drop me a line at krobertson1392@gmail.com or on Instagram because, you know, I *may* have slightly social media stalked you a tiny bit…sorry. Haha.

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      6. Selma-Penna says:

        Yeah writing seems quite intense but I’m sure the rush you get when you do finish a piece of work must be rewarding! I don’t know maybe I will give writting a little dabble some day when I get my mind to settle, you might have convinced me. Yes please do keep me in the loop, I will shoot you an email in a bit so you have mine. Super excited to read some of your work, you never know this might turn into a Stephen King Misery type situation hahahaha I joke, I joke! I promise I’m normal πŸ˜‚ woow and here I was thinking I was Annie Wilkes when you are out here being a Joe Goldberg with my instagram hahaha nah feel free to hit me up on either but I’ll def shoot you an email as well!

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  2. Firstly (and kind of irrelevantly) you’re gorgeous! Our routines are pretty similar – I most definitely need to wake up to coffee, physically get up and get dressed to get into the mental state to work. We’re fostering a puppy at the moment and being able to go out and walk her really helps me wake up and not feel so cabin-fevery xx

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    1. Selma-Penna says:

      Ohhh my gosh! Thank you soo much! Your comment made my day and before I even continue with the rest of your comment I just have to say that I LOVEEEE your blog. The aesthetics? Amazing. The content? right up my alley. You? Sooo gorgeous. Did I follow? Uhmmm of course! πŸ˜‚ Ok let me stop being such a weirdo and actually respond to your comment. There has been a few days where I was too lazy to get dressed and those were probably my most unproductive ones so I think we are definitely on the right path in taking that extra effort. That’s so cool to hear that you’re fostering a puppy! What kind of puppy is she and whats her name? Dogs are actual angels that make life so much better. Thank you again for your sweet comment I look forward to reading more on your blog! Much love xxx


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