Livin’ La Vida Vinci (Day 01)

Today marks the first day of trying to live like the awesome Leonardo Da Vinci for 1 week! I had made a previous post about his daily schedule linked here but it didn’t go according to plan.

This is me trying again and on the fun side dabbling in creating an animation (a little bit about that later on).

As mentioned in my previous post, below is my planned daily schedule that tries to emulate Da Vinci’s key important daily traits.


Had a lazy beginning to the day, I woke up on time but only got out of bed at 9:23 am.

Started my deep work session at 10:10am but I wouldn’t really regard it as that since I’m watching a Joe Rogan Experience podcast on the side (linked below). My mind is a bit scattered and I feel I would be bored out of my mind working in silence plus its educational right? 😂

Deep work sesh was pretty productive managed to complete one of my tasks that’s due this week just waiting for it to be approved by a senior analyst.

Admin work: I decided to update an excel file I created where I include all of my work tasks in separate tabs and then include any important information, links, and steps that I need to remember when I’m busy with that task. This file has become a lifesaver as I always update it with any new information or advice I receive from co-workers and is a great reference. We can’t remember everything we are told so it’s always good to have a backup.

Work Out: Yoga is my preferred method of working out especially after work, I realized its a great stress reliever that allows my body to fully relax especially since I have a bad habit of clenching my jaw when I’m anxious. My go-to person is “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube she is an amazing human being with calming but effective routines.

Creative Time: Completed my first Beginners class in creating 2D Animation for fun. The software I’m using is Adobe Animate. I’m doing this course through Skillshare and since this is just the beginning I don’t have a full animation to show but I do have an outline of what’s supposed to be my face below.

She looks like she had a stroke 😂

The end goal of this project is to have a full animation of her walking and possibly waving back and depending on my mood have something happening in the background as well.

It’s 11:30pm right now and I got quite engrossed in this project and went over my allotted creative time. Part of the reason I didn’t notice the time was really that it took me so long to set up Adobe and I didn’t realize just how much work goes into making a digital drawing! It was intense but oddly satisfying!

To end this off Da Vinci was known for writing down Positive Affirmations in his journals, for today mine was a simple “You can do this” because I kept repeating this to myself today as I had to also work through sporadic back spasms which are from Lucifer himself.

Anyways, I’m super tired and should head to bed now! Even though I didn’t fully stick to the schedule I did really enjoy the creative element, it made my day more interesting knowing that I had about 4 hours of allotted time to do whatever tickled my fancy creative wise!

I will try to do better tomorrow and include studying something else that’s new!

Till tomorrow.

Never forget to carpe all the diems.



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