Quarantine Update: The Importance of Rest

Hi there, it’s been a minute.

As I’m sure you will realize I didn’t keep up with my vision of blogging every day of the quarantine, why? because of life!

So much has happened in-between my last post and now that I just either didn’t have the time or I genuinely was was not in the mood and honestly, that’s ok. Do I feel good about that? No, because I hate when I make a goal for myself and I don’t live up to it, it’s a crappy feeling but it’s still ok. I think we sometimes get so caught up in overexerting ourselves in the pursuit of being the best versions of ourselves that we can get lost in the sauce and boy was I drowning in that bolognese.

That being said this time of quarantine hasn’t been too bad its just that midway I hit a wall of pure exhaustion both mentally and physically. I was doing too much, see I held onto this belief that because this time of isolation is a once in a century occurrence and in my lifetime that if I didn’t come out of this time period with something to prove my productivity then I was somewhat a trash human being. I won’t lie, I still low key believe that but I’m trying to work on it.

I’m sure you’ve heard or read this a million times but wanting to rest doesn’t make you useless, it’s ok to just chill and do what your body wants you to, whether it’s binging watching something, sleeping or even just zoning out with a book while you let your responsibilities lay on the side for a bit, it’s ok. That being said its also ok to be working your butt off striving for all the things your heart desires and using this time productively to pursue them, I guess just finding that balance is key.

So I’m back. Lockdown in Namibia was extended to 5th May and I feel like I’ve had enough restoration and now is the time for me to just do what feels right and work towards finding a balance between work, my own side pursuits and just enjoying the privilege of current stillness.

I will be uploading a book review this Friday (24 April 2020) as well as my current reading list (later today) for this period as I haven’t done that yet.

To whomever is reading this, thank you and stay safe!

Never forget to carpe all the diems



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